Hello from the fresher…


If you can not tell, i am new to this blogging thing, but it is something i have always wanted to get into, to share my interests as well as express my thoughts and opinions on stuff and i hope people start to read/enjoy this!!

A bit about myself maybe for my first blog… It is coming to the end of such an adventure of a year and my year of the fresher will come to an end. I study social sciences and i play hockey (they are nutsss!! that is my tip for any people going to university or are already there, being part of a society is such a great thing! promise!

A society can make your uni life, it gives you a different circle of friends, gives you an activity to get away from your studies and distress…i dont know what i would do without my hockey girls!

okay i’ll leave it at that for now, short and sweet…

Hope youve had a good start to the week…make that week count, dont take the days for granted

The uni lass x


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